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В чем преимущество льняного масла перед обычным?

Льняное масло полезно для здоровья, ведь оно содержит достаточное количество витаминов и других биологически активных веществ, которые необходимы для здорового питания, например компоненты Омега-3, Омега-6, Омега-9. Употребление льняного масла в пищу поможет сократить вероятность возникновения таких болезней как атеросклероз и ишемическая болезнь сердца.

А еще льняное масло дешевле и эффективней рыбьего жира, который используется в лечебных целях.

О чем еще нас спрашивают?

Льняное масло - русское золото


Linseed oil

Льняное масло "Славица"Medical properties of linseed oil

Hippocrates used to say that people had to be cured not by medicines but wholesome diets. By personal experience we know that our general state depends on the food we eat. To feel and look good we should eat only natural food. It’s good for human organism and contains everything it needs.

Linseed oil is just the kind of food. Present day investigations show that the oil taken before a meal bring down the risk of insults for 37%. The oil contains 2 times unsaturated aliphatic acid more in comparison with cod-liver oil. Several illnesses could be named which need linseed oil (containing Omega 3 and Omega 6) for their treatment. If you take linseed oil daily – diabetes, arthrosclerosis do not threaten you. In folk medicine the oil is used for helminthes, different kinds of ulcers.

Linseed oil contains a great amount of vitamins and other biologically active substances, such as
  • alpha-linolenic acid – 60% (Omega 3);
  • linoleic aicd – 20% (Omega 6);
  • oleic acid – 10% (Omega 9);
  • other saturated aliphatic acid – 10%

The balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 is of vital importance for a human being. The proportion should be 4 to 1.

Soya, bean, rape mustard and olive oil contain Omega 6 but as for Omega 3 it is founed only in linseed oil and cod-liver oil.

Taking linseed oil has no side effects.


Great number of cardiovascular illnesses come as a result of arthrosclerosis (arteries wall leads stuffed with thrombus containing cholesterol, aliphatic substances and the remains of cells).

Bloodstream supplies our heart with oxygen and nutriment substances. When the number of thrombus exides the cardiac muscle fails to function properly. Pledge and heart attack come as a result of it. Research work in different countries testify that usage of linseed oil brings down the risk of thrombus formation.


Taking linseed oil is a good prophylaxis of cancer illnesses. The results of scientific research show that lignin (contained in linseed oil can link and neutralize estrogen compounds (they provoke mammary gland iancer).Apart from lignin eatable linseed oil contains alpha-linolenic acid famous for it’s anticarcerogenous potentialies especially when mammary gland cancer.

Animal tests in 1994 showed that feeding animals with food rich in high concentration of aliphatic acids stimulates the increase of mammary gland tumor, while feeding with food, rich in alpha-linolenic acid hampers the tumor increase. It means that people should cut down on fat, butter and fried meet and they should mind the prophylaxis.


Sometimes taking linseed oil for several days contributes to the curement.


Regular courses of linseed oil strengthen insulin effect and protect human organism from development of diabetes. The level of cholesterol in blood goes down.


The oil (especially Omega 3 contained) contributes to the curement of stomach-intestine illnesses and urino-genital illnesses. Postoperative patients should take the oil to raise the immunity of the organism and to prevent inflammatory process.


When allergy – cut down on fatty food and take linseed oil. It will reduce the allergic reaction and inflammatory process.


Omega 3 and Omega 6 (contained in the oil) contribute to the curement of arthritis. Spear the painful algetic with the oil.60 % of the ill peole taking linseed oil could give up taking special medicines and 20% could cut down taking medicines.

Moreover linseed oil contains vitamins E and К. Vitamin Е is called beauty vitamin, its lack has a bad influence on the state of hair, skin and nails.

Traditional healers recomment to take 1 spoon of linseed oil 20 minutes before breakfast. 3-4 10-day cources with a 2-4 week brake.

Linseed oil is easily exposed to oxidation. The warranty is not more than two months.

To keep the oil fresh it is stored in a dry place at t= 0-15 C., away from air and sunbeams. You can also add salt: half a big spoon for 3 litres of oil.